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Standing Tall – Top Tips for Your Security Posture Program






Chris Roberts 2

Chris Roberts Researcher, Hacker and CISO, Boom Supersonic

thumb-Tobi T-1

Tobi Traebing Technical Director, XM Cyber


Today, more than ever, organizations need to understand, align on, and mobilize around security posture to facilitate the growth executive teams want to see. 


Security teams play a key role in mitigating risk, but it’s no simple task. What do you do first? Why? How do you communicate success in terms stakeholders understand? How do you measure that success (or lack thereof!)?


Join two cybersecurity pros, Chris Roberts, researcher, hacker, and CISO at Boom Supersonic and Tobi Traebing, Technical Director at XM Cyber, as they expertly guide you on the questions you need to ask and offer insight on how to best answer them. 


At the end of the session, you’ll be ready to better speak to your risk, show how you’re reducing its impact, and back up your assertions with proof.