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Understanding ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks Dissecting and Modeling 2022’s Most Powerful Cyber Attacks





Zur Ulianizky

VP Research, XM Cyber




Omri Segev Moyal

CEO & Co-Founder, Profero


The second half of 2022 saw a dramatic increase in ‘lone wolf’ attacks and can be coined one of the most common enterprise attack campaigns that organizations experienced in 2022.

In this session, we will learn from a leading Incident Response company what lone wolf campaigns look like, what they are targeting and how easy it is to get the initial foothold. We’ll then look from a defenders perspective and understand how using graph based modeling of your exposures, these types of campaigns can be prevented in advance. 

What you will learn:

    ○  How attackers buy their initial foothold and get into your organization
    ○  What attackers are doing today once they’re in your network
    ○  How organizations can get ahead of the next attack and remediate these exposures that block the most common enterprise attack techniques today

About Profero:

Profero Incident Response team has countered dozens of international cyber incidents since its founding in 2020. Over this period, we have seen the devastating effects of cyber-attacks on every type of organization, regardless of size, geo-location, time zone, or business sector. The field of combat is vast, and each incident is different. We have engaged with a variety of threat actors such as ransomware groups, nation-state sponsored groups, cyber-criminals, hacktivists and even insider threats. Deploying experience from these confrontations, our team has developed a bespoke Rapid IR, which combines cloud-based technologies with our knowledge-base and unique capabilities, designed to prevent the next major incident at your organization.

Profero is led by Omri Segev Moyal (CEO) and Guy Barnhart-Magen (CTO), well-known security researchers & cyber experts offer a customer-environment focused service for security and privacy of products and applications.