Increasing Cyber-risk is Driving the Need for Exposure Management

Cyber-risk leads directly to cyber-attacks. Rather than monitor and measure cyber-risk through siloed/fragmented data or layering on more disconnected defenses, organizations should build their defenses as countermeasures to the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by cyber-adversaries.

This includes a deep understanding of all assets, network connections, and business-critical systems, as well as a perspective on how an adversary might proceed through a cyber-kill chain. Attack path management can help organizations gain this perspective as it brings together an attacker’s perspective with context about the existing security infrastructure, security controls, and existing defenses.

Download the eBook to see how CISO’s can:

  • Identify their most critical exposures like misconfigurations, risky users, and software vulnerabilities across the hybrid environment
  • Apply cost effective remediation actions by directing resources to fix choke points—those junctures where many attacks paths traverse through
  • Detect and communicate business risks, identify risk mitigation strategies, and track success over time

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