You’re One Click Away From the Greatest Board Meeting of Your Career

Today's CISOs face an urgent problem: The dangers from cyber-attacks have never been greater, but the process for reporting those cyber-risks to their board is broken. This communication breakdown is causing fundamental misunderstandings, the assumption of unnecessary risk and "worst case scenario" cyber-attack outcomes.

Fortunately, we've got the solution: A CISO's Guide to Reporting Cyber Risk to the Board. The e-book from XM Cyber outlines why current reporting approaches are failing and delivers actionable guidance for conveying accurate pictures of both risk and ROI to corporate boards.

In the eBook you'll learn the four key challenges CISOs face when reporting to the board:

  • How current reporting fails to meet those challenges
  • The key things to convey when reporting: What can be compromised today?
  • What is the likelihood of that occurring, the potential impact and operational risk involved?
  • How XM Cyber provides an unmatched tool for helping you report by crystallizing causality and answering all key questions about organizational critical asset risk.

Reading this book can transform how you approach board reporting -- and help ensure that your most valuable assets stay protected.

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