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 Demystifying DORA with XM Cyber







Dale Fairbrother

XM Cyber - Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Patrick Frech

KPMG - Specialist, Financial Service & Compliance


When: May 2nd at 10am!


Financial institutions are often regarded as technology innovators and thought leaders when it comes to the delivery of secure digital services. However they are also subject to constant and persistent cyber threats, against their digital attack surface.


The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), has been designed to help Financial institutions tackle the challenges of these cyber threats, while also striving to establish trust among their customers, stakeholders, and business partners.


In this webinar we will discuss the implications and requirements outlined in the DORA act, with an aim to demystify the finer points of the regulation, while providing real world insights from security and compliance experts, into the challenges, strategies and best practices for aligning with the requirements.

Topics discussed in the webinar:


- Understanding DORA relevance and implications
- Deconstructing the 5 pillars of DORA
- How to achieve success with DORA alignment
- Challenges to anticipate and how to overcome them
- What services and tools are available to accelerate adoption


Attendees of the webinar will also receive a first look at the Demystifying DORA with XM Cyber Whitepaper, which outlines how steps to success for aligning with DORA, and how the XM Cyber Platforms supports the digital operational resilience of financial services through a continuous, end-to-end cybersecurity lifecycle, that incorporates proactive risk prevention and defensive protection, detection and containment of threats, through to incident response and recovery processes for post-breach analysis and triage.


Both the webinar and whitepaper aim to support your awareness of DORA, in order to help you achieve the highest standards of service delivery, business continuity and operational resilience. To minimize downtime, while also ensuring the safety, security and integrity of customer data and financial records.