Meeting the Challenges of Digitalization Together


State-of-the-art technologies for the best and safest fan journey.

Questions for the CIO — Listen in as Michael Fichtner, FC Bayern CIO, tackles the challenges of ensuring optimal fan experiences, meeting EU regulations, and maintaining security — and how XM Cyber plays a critical part in that strategy.

Proactively monitor threats to critical assets in real time.

Uncover the complex challenges facing FC Bayern’s attack surface, how XM Cyber helps proactively monitor threats to critical assets in real-time, and why it’s an investment that’s helping them minimize risk. In Episode 2 of our series “5 Questions for the CIO”, learn how XM Cyber and FC Bayern are setting the standards and driving innovations to protect data and ensure safety. 

Innovation through cloud technology! 
Dive into the exciting projects developed in partnership with STACKIT and XM Cyber.

Digital transformation and why AI could also play an important role

Discover how the partnership with XMCyber, Schwarz Digits, and STACKIT has enhanced their digital strategies, improved fan experiences, and fortified their cybersecurity posture. Michael Fichtner sheds light on the innovative steps forward and discusses the potential impact of AI on the club’s future initiatives. Don't miss this insightful discussion on the technological advancements driving one of the world's leading football clubs.

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