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What BAS Vendors won't tell you about BAS


Menachem S


Menahem Shafran

VP Product at XM Cyber




Michael Greenberg
Director of Product Marketing at XM Cyber




There’s something vendors don’t want to tell you about Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tools and how they don't validate security.

Building a cybersecurity infrastructure with multiple security controls can leave organizations exposed and vulnerable, with inherent security gaps. Cyber attackers look for these gaps and use them to move laterally, making their way to your critical assets.

Join this webinar to learn why:

     -  Emulating attacks across the entire attack kill chain delivers an accurate picture of risk exposure
     -  Testing controls across the whole security infrastructure delivers a comprehensive security posture score
     -  Monitoring constant, dynamic changes such as configurations, incident and investigation management, access control, password policies, user and role administration strengthens defenses