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How To Overcome Active Directory Exploits And Prevent Attacks




Shira Bendkowski

Director of Product Management at XM Cyber


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Michael Greenberg
Director of Product Marketing at XM Cyber


According to Gartner, “It is critical to make concentrated efforts to comprehensively secure and monitor Active Directory, proactively look for threats and misconfigurations, and remediate to prevent dangerous actions from taking place.”

XM Cyber is the first in the industry to show how Active Directory abuse comes into play in the entire attack path, bringing multiple attack techniques together to pinpoint the highest risks and offer step-by-step remediation guidance.

Join the webinar to learn:


      ● How Active Directory (AD) exposures combined with other attack techniques form attack paths
      ● What kind of actions the attacker can perform once they compromise an AD user
      ● What to do for better Active Directory Security