Research Report: 2023 State of Exposure Management

Don't miss out on exclusive research that explores the challenges organizations face in managing security exposures and provides insights on how to overcome them. Our annual research report, Navigating the Paths of Risk: The State of Exposure Management in 2023 is a collaboration between XM Cyber and Cyentia Institute, a leading research firm which analyzed over 60 million exposures and tens of thousands of attack paths so you can discover how to prioritize and efficiently remediate exposures with our research-backed tips and strategies.

Get the report to discover:

  • Key findings on the types of exposures putting organizations at greatest risk of breach.
  • The state of attack paths between on-prem and cloud networks.
  • Top attack techniques seen in 2022.
  • Ways to set your exposure management strategy up for success by striking the right balance between risk reduction and ultra-efficient remediation.

Want to find out more? Download our report now and take the first step toward building a more efficient and effective exposure management program.

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